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General Information 

Translation Services

 DATA's professional translators first of all strive to take into account the culture of the language to communicate your message even more effectively. We serve many types of businesses from small to large and also make sure that requests from individuals are handled with same accuracy and personal attention needed for any translation we do.
We offer notarized and certified translations of birth, marriage, medical, technical, correspondence, manuals, brochures and many other types of documents.
We also provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for conferences and business meetings.
We are able to work with all types of computer programs such as MS Office Professional (2000, XP: Word, Excel, .PowerPoint..), Adobe Acrobat (PDF), Adobe Page Maker, QuarkXpress, Photo Shop, Rich Text Format, and many others.
 Our Translation Services :

  •  Legal - Medical - Technical
  •  Private
  •  Websites
  •  Simultaneous
  •  Catalogues, Brochures & Manuals
  •  Books & Computer Programs
  •  Conference & Meeting Interpretation
  •  Business Meeting & Negotiation Interpretation


For further information and questions about our Translation services please contact us at datatercumeizmir@hotmail.com or if you do not have an e-mail address fill out our contact form.